“Nia” means Purpose – So What’s Really Good?

October 24, 2006 at 12:44 pm | Posted in Active, Black Folks, Vegan | 1 Comment

so you guys know my “path to vegan sports” story (soon to be posted). but what i’ve noticed is the lack of brown bodies at these multi-sport events. i mean, i know black folks ride bikes…on sidewalks, in parks, poppin’ wheelies for eight days…but there doesn’t seem to be many of us competing in cycling sports – or other sports outside of b-ball, track, soccer. for real y’all, how can we drop the baton like that, with a brother like “Major” Taylor in the heritage lines? –imagine Jack Johnson on a bike, sick. i refuse to believe there aren’t more of us competing in a diverse set of sports. furthermore, i know there has to be more “blactivegans” — Black vegan athletes — out there. just take a look at Carl Lewis (9x Olympic gold medalist), Seba Johnson (Olympic Winter Games alpine ski racer), Salim Stoudamire (NBA guard for the Atlanta Hawks) and Kenneth Williams (1st vegan bodybuilder to make Team USA), and Ricky Williams (retired Miami Dolphins running back). [i update this list from time to time. so leave a comment if you know of any more.]

so this is my roll call…if you are a brother, a sister (or even a cousin) vegan (or vegetarian –i love you guys too) who loves sports..please stand up. i need to hear from ya! i don’t care if you are a weekend warrior, only play catch on sundays with your daughter, son, neice or nephew, skate once a month on ‘old school’ night, got a orange belt in “Crazy” – James Brown: “The Big Payback”, swam the english channel in 4 days or won a bronze medal back in high school because the person who came in second had a big forehead –holler if you hear me!

do you have tips on diet, training, general news on ital living (*ital is the RastafarI concept of a natural, veggie lifestyle), or shout outs to vegan athletes doing their thing? and yes, i realize vegan athletes may be few and far in between, and black vegan athletes may be even more rare —but not endagered. so in the immortal words of q-tip, “where ya at?”


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  1. hey maurice, here i am again checking you out (smile). i am very glad to be introduced to this part of yor life, communicating on-line (smile). i know that you were asking me to do this for a very long time but the right time is the best time.

    also, i know that i missed a few meets with you in your athletic experiences but i feel good that the seeds that i was blessed to plant in you allows me to see all there was to be seen and is to be seen. i used to feel that i was not supporting you when i was not physically there for a meet. now i realize that you always felt me there with you and i could not be any more proud if i was physically there. imani (faith) and nia (purpose) are the only way and i know that both are abundant in your life. mother to son 12-4-06

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