race results: my 1st Duathlon 51st/76

October 26, 2006 at 1:34 am | Posted in (multi)sports, Active, Black Folks, Cycling | 6 Comments

peace folks,

so i purchased a used bike back in april of this year. i had some fun, riding back and forth the flashfrom bk to harlem. but it wasn’t too long before i decided to take test myself and take it to the next level. so i decided to enter into a duathlon, the prospect park fall duathlon (see the race map at the bottom of the page). i haven’t had so much fun since…i don’ t even remember. competing is normally associated with a lot of nerves and “the dumps” (as my coach used to call it –use your imagination. but i throughly enjoyed myself. i didn’t train and so my running times are type-wack, but even more crazy is the bike times–horrendous. i just wanted to see how i would fare in an amateur cycling event – not too well. my bikebut to be honest i’m inspired to run more as a result. you remember my “path to vegan sports” story when i told y’all about getting bored from running. i needed something new. i found it! duathlons will be my new sport. i know i need alot of work on my cycling -which is truly fun, and in my mission to improve as a “duathlete” i’m inclined to run more.

so without further adue, peep my: the 1st run (3.1 mi) i placed 29th @, the bike leg (14 mi) i placed 59, 2nd run (3.1 mi) i placed 43rd. clearly, i need more work on my biking skill and i’m on it. my overall time was 1:45:58.0. that means about 7 minute/mi on the 1st leg, 9.5 minute/mi on the 2nd leg, and i biked 3.8 minute/mi…ho hum. steady my grind. i post pictures and more comments later.

on to the next race…



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  1. hey maurice today is thursday after 1:00 am i was just checking out your site to see if there was anything new i went to the vegan area to check recipes and fitness areas interesting i saw only the back and bikini outfit of one girl i will continue to explore your site until i understand all or it i am getting tired now so i will chat with you another time wow i cannot believe your 30th birthday is in a few days i am proud of you keep your head up love mommy………………………..

  2. ahw shucks, you gonna make a brown man blush…you know i could not have made it this far with your love, grace and limitless nurturing. in fact my b’earth day is also your b’earth day. so i would like to give you special love as you contemplate the years in rewind, the moments – all joyful and stressful combined.
    i love you much. and thank you for teaching me how to cook. but i still can’t get your vegan sweet potato cheesecake down. make me some for my birthday? (smile)

  3. happy b’earthday my son! yes, joy and stress were in the formula, but the resulting product is amazingly beautiful. through strength, persistence, fearlessness –in the sense of not acknowledging fear as a block to prevent passage — blessed you are in all aspects of your life, which will continue to increase because of what you are planting in the earth. all will be fruitful to embrace you. as grace is marinated upon your life, chance has no place in your space smiles of tears

  4. Hey,
    I was just stopping by to say what’s up. I am not doing to well today. Uncle vincent and all. Time heals all wounds. Do you remember back in the days sitting on the corner with Uncle Vincent and Uncle Tommy chilling. Those hot summer nights with the radio playing and Uncle tommy singing. We are getting old son. I am so proud of you and all that you have become. You are my inspiration. Thank you for everything you do, and everything you will become. I love you

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