the grind aka training log: got my mind made up…

October 29, 2006 at 3:39 am | Posted in Active, Cycling, Vegan | Leave a comment

so, i decided to do the do…i mean do the du. next month there is a Turkey Duathlon at SUNY Old Westbury (ol’ stompin’ grounds). I did 4 laps around Prospect Park (~3.1mile/lap). …thing was, it was POURING. i was determined to get a workout – whether it was running or biking, but i wasn’t trying to run with a water bottle, mini pump, etc. in hand, so i truck’d it. it was cool though: had the road to myself. there were runners out but all the bikers were gone – scared i supposed. what’s the worst that could happen -you fall, scrape your nipple off – oopps! oh well. no but seriously, it was thoroughly refreshing and challenging to see if i could keep it moving without bustin’ my @ss. so here was my diet today:

breakfast: 2/3 quinoa + 1/3 oatmeal w/ cinnamon and agave nectar hmmm
lunch: baby spinach + mushrooms sauteed in olive oil, fresh pressed garlic, liquid aminos (a lil’ bit);medium sweet potato w/ soy garden, 1/2 acorn squash w/baked apples. also dranked 1/3 of a synergy (gingerberry)

dinner: pitza (yes mock pizza on pita bread) kalmata olives, garlic, oinions, parsley and mushrooms. also dranked a can of the new ready to drink spiru-tein shake (chocolate) —it was nasty to say the least. i love nature’s plus products but, no! i would like to know what’s up with their source of life red, blue, yellow and green lightning line. is it better than their energy shake? has anyone tried them?

i plan on trail running tomorrow @ van cortlandt before martial arts class. maybe i’ll ride to the bx and then lap the 2.5 mile course twice –medium speed. writing this up seems to help me stay focused for this race. it is about a month away. speaking of a month away, i do need to cop some warmer gear – because it will get brick in a minute. any ideas?
see y’all tomorrow…steady on my grind!


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