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today is the last day to put your order in the major taylor limited edition cycling jersey. these jersey commerate the achievement of one of the world’s best cyclists of all-time.


you put you order in here so next season you can “sport-nice” in the official jersey of a historic champion – what i would consider one of the better jerseys out there. speaking of this world class athlete, his birthday was on nov 26th. check out npr’s blurb on him,  and mt association’s biographical time line of his achievements. for now, i’ll leave you in his own words:

In a word I was a pioneer, and therefore had to blaze my own trail.

click here for more of major taylor’s quotes. peace


vegan athlete wins spartathlon 2006

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thanks to the folks at for scoping this article out…enjoy!
Plant Powered

Triathletes, cyclists, and hardcore Ashtangis are among the new crop of athletes proving that a vegan diet can be a winning one.

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When Scott Jurek, 32, of Seattle fuels up for a 50-mile ultramarathon, he reaches for a smoothie made with pears, bananas, apples, spirulina, and avocado. A mighty bowl of pasta, sauced with garlic and olive oil and brimming with fresh veggies, is the night-before-racing favorite of professional cyclist Christine Vardaros, 36, of Mill Valley, California. Triathlete Ruth Heidrich, 71, of Honolulu opts for a salad of greens with papaya, mango, bananas, and berries before setting out for a competition.

One thing you won’t find on these athletes’ grocery lists is meat, eggs, or dairy products. Jurek, Vardaros, and Heidrich are vegan. And if you think a vegan diet would compromise their physically demanding pursuits, just check out their performances: Jurek holds the course record in the Western States Endurance Run, a 100-mile trail race through rugged terrain. Vardaros is ranked no. 32 in the world in cycling, and Heidrich has won 900 medals in running events.

Read the whole article on The Yoga Journal – Plant Powered by Rachel Seligman

race results: rookie season wrap-up!

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my rookie duathlon season, however short, is officially over. three competitions since september. fun. unpredictable. challenging. what more could i have asked for…familyMo and Azali came through and represented with much energy and love (my fellow BLACTIVEGANS: nite*vision, aus-boogie, sala a.k.a. saylah-v, azali-wali). the family swooped through in the batmobile and made their warm presence felt. inspiration. this and the warm(er) weather made the experience that more enjoyable. and of course, my trusty 16 speed, red frame-yellow-tire mondonico.

finish line

results my overall time: 1:37:37 placing 138th out of 162 participants. 15:50 on my first 2mile run time (ABOUT 7:30/mile) and my 2nd 2mile run time 16:55 (ABOUT 8/mile). my bike time was 1:01:44 for a 12 mile distance-UGH!

experience i’m proud of my what i’ve accomplished with little experience and training. i have a clearer idea of what areas i need to improve upon, but not exactly sure how to improve on them yet. i did learn that riding up hill is a big challenge for me ; after 4 hard miles, i’m spent; oh! changing gears is an art & science.

what’s next cross training in martial arts, swimming and maybe a few attempts at indoor rock climbing. but i also feel that i need to seriously consider ways to stretch. someone suggetsed pilates to me. any other ideas, folks?

Season Summary Chart

the grind aka training log: big up!

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today i had an impromptu meet-up with the major taylor ironriders. i was doing some light riding in preparation for tomorrow’s race (stay tuned for details) when this brother passes with one of those blue and orange uniforms. as open as i was, i tried to keep up to his 15mph cadence —not too bad if i must say so myself. coming around off the bend i noticed he gave a hand signal over to a few cyclists on the parkside avenue side of prospect park. since i was not too far behind, those same few cyclists gave me notice as well. pulled in by the magnetic comraderie, i rolled back to get a good look at one the brothers i remember from one of the picture gallery on their website – “Dobbs”. after a cordial exchange of niceties, dobbs invited me to meet some of the other members namely the president, mel (on his 22nd lap) and larry -the official triathlete of the bunch.

enveloped in their pack i received motivation and quick troubleshots –more like salvos – for challenges and encouragement for tomorrow’s race. the fact that there are other Black cyclists enthusiatic about the sport and eager to share their experiences had me in ecstatic state – i forgot how many laps around the park i took. it was an unofficial initiation of sorts where the elders mainly in the 50’s age range were taking me under their wing to become a better rider.

much of the conversation surrounded how well cycling has taken care of them physically, social, etc. and their desire to nurture younger riders and pass on their knowledge. this “wisdom of the sages” definitely spark a flame in me and i’m looking forward to rockin’ with them for some time. thanks for the encourgement and for your commitment for all of these years- dobbs, mel, larry, legrange, and the rest of you healthy elders whose name i don’t recall –much love. needeless to say i’m a member. and even though they were all, at the very least, 25 years my senior…these folks can burn. i got left a few times in their uphill races. big up!

also, coming out of the park i ran into one of my frat brothers okechukwu. he was riding out on nasty mountain bike ’bout ot tear up something in the backwoods. maybe next year i’ll jump in to the mountain bike game – one expensive hobby per decade, please. stay tuned for my race results tomorrow.

the emperor’s new…

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yes yes. it’s been a minute. living life. exams. deadlines. etc. but my mind is still made up about tomorrow’s race – Turkey Du Duathlon out in SUNY Old Westbury. westbury was my stomping grounds back in my early college days – mad love to the M.A.L.I.K.‘s. nonetheless, i have been preparing in minute-but deliberate ways. yesterday i purchased my very first thermal midweight base layer made by sugoi. i wanted something simple and affordable, considering tomorrow’s race is my last for the season. this bad boy should hold a brother down in the beginning of the next season (early spring) and cool mornings upstate – should i feel so inclined (no pun). i should be ok with this and my fleece (a jacket is next on the list – all things in due time). but that’s it.

speaking of gear the major taylor association has the dopest jersey i’ve seen thus far:

Major Taylor Commemorative Jersey

The Major Taylor custom, limited-edition cycling jersey features a 1900 photograph of Major Taylor taken by E. Chickering in Boston; the Worcester, Mass., street sign for Major Taylor Boulevard with the city’s “Heart of the Commonwealth” symbol; and the 1899 world champion’s nickname, “The Worcester Whirlwind.” The jersey, made by Louis Garneau, is Micro-Airdry fabric with a 14-inch hidden zipper and three rear pockets. The fit is semi-relaxed, a little less snug than pro cut.

yes i know i’m new to the sport, but so farthose jerseys with lime green, hot pink, safety orange colors with flags and logos all over the place make my head hurt -not too fly to say the least. you are hard pressed to catch a solid color one. so when i peeped this one, please believe i was excited. the only thing is you gotta get your order in by the end of this month – November 30! find more info here.

the major taylor ironriders cycling club also has dope cycling outfits for the general membership and the official race team. i’m on it!

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