“i believe” (the fiend’s anthem)

December 20, 2006 at 4:57 pm | Posted in Black Folks, Health & Healing, Hip-Hop | 4 Comments

i recently peeped the video “i believe” — a medicinal dart by stic.man off the dead prez and outlawz album: “can’t sell dope forever”. a little late, i admit, considering it dropped this past summer. now, there aren’t to many joints dead prez put out that i’m not “lickin’ shots for” but this video “righ’ chear”… i won’t spoil it for you. check it out and take a vote.


i believe
1) off the hook
2) its ok
3) not feeling it

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in general, i have an interest in how the aging hip-hop community (artists, fans, etc) deals with topics that most affect it, particulary those issues of health. in an arena where street crediblity is a marketing focus, speaking on health and disease presents an interesting challenge – how fly can you be spittin’ about healthy lifestyles? but at the same time folks are experiencing real health challenges and even death: foxxy brown with her hearing impairment, don’t foget big pun’s untimely death, havoc of mobb deep sickle cell anemia childhood diagnosis… the list goes on. so…



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  1. i really liked it because it put these issues of self-love and protection through health in such a simple and easy to comprehend form. i want to find a way to use it with my students…perhaps when we get to our poetry or short story unit. i see that most people voting thought it was hot too!

    good post.

  2. …i’m saying! when’s the last time you’ve seen a video with a rap artist in a health food store choosing which “herb” to buy (for tea nontheless) . watching the video, stic had me feeling like rocky…speaking of rocky – why haven’t they killed sly and this story already? man! (ok back to the video) there is one thing that i’m unsettled with. he’s rhymin’ about healthy choices, self-determination and all, but on the corner in front of the biggest bodega budweiser ad i’ve ever seen. do yo think that was deliberate? what point is he attempting to convey? you know what my vote was…

  3. this song, this video, this message is damn SOLID!! i’ve since added this fresh video to myspace.com/veganhiphopmovement–come check us out!

  4. […] Before you get there, watch Stic-Man’s video over at blactivegan’s site. […]

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