good day to ride

December 24, 2006 at 1:36 am | Posted in Cycling, training log | Leave a comment

i almost slept in today —first day of vacation, finals’ stress has subsided, plus i was up till the wee hours of the night transferring files to this external hard drive —but this buzzin’ was killing me. too electronic to be a bug. “awh hell! its the bell”. almost didn’t answer —no disrespect but you know who it could’ve been. it was delivery folks sliding through. ran down flights of stairs in groggy daze, opened the door to be refreshingly awakened to the most beautiful, misty, warm winter morning. i’m definitely riding today.

so i suited up —still need some gear check out my wish list — and in my enthusiasm, flatted my front tire. no spare, but plenty of energy from the miracle reds drink, (tell you more about this later) i walked to vanderbilt to bicycle station for couple of tubes. mike, the dopest bike mechanic in bk, and i shot the breeze about the cycling community’s renewed interest over the side-by-side tandem bikes.

“you’re all set”. good-lookin’, i’m out. 4 laps in prospect park. feeling good. i’m back in motion. depending on courage, i might be down for a new year ride… tomorrow, i think i’ll switch it up –ride and bike. not setting any training goals yet, just enjoying myself. it’s amazing what you can do when there’s no school, work, and that sunday realization of going back to do it all over again.


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