bike pooling?

December 24, 2006 at 1:47 am | Posted in Cycling, environment | 2 Comments

with growing concerns and about global warming, more and more commuters are digging into the garages, layering up and riding their schwinn’s in to work. but soon “green-minded” cities will have to outline an additional “bike”pooling lane for those citizens looking to conserve “human” energy.

what the heck is that? its the “barrett side-by-side” crafted by the ingenious robert barret. one of the many tinker toys he designed back in the 70’s, this biofueled vehicle allows you to ride with another person (or alone) sitting right next to them. compared to the tandem alternatives, it’s more romantic and appears to be safer, too. on tandems bicycles, you could pass out if the person in the front decides to pass you a gaseous gift downwind. mike, brooklyn mechanic at the bicycle station, said that in all of his years repairing and going to conventions he hasn’t seen one in about 30 years. he was lucky to run into the inventor’s son, a student at pratt institute, who said that his dad still had a couple “brand new” still in the garage. but don’t get your hopes up too high. when it comes to the side-by-sides: “dig deep, it ain’t cheap”. a brand new one will cost you a grip — $3,700. (i’ve seen a used one go on ebay for only $300). but if you are looking to have fun this summer, this is the official head turner. not to mention, think of how much would save in gas and insurance co-pays for doctor visits. for a description on how it works –every bike has special powers you know–check out the barret’s patent information.

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  1. bike pooling?

    A short article about the renewed interests in side-by-side bicycles which makes recreational and cyclo-commuting with others fun! if this catches on, maybe cyclists will have their on “hov” lane.

  2. Love buddy bikes available (side by side). Please contact me at for information

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