mlk’s dynamic legacy & veganism

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reflecting on the life and legacy of mlk has left me to consider how deep do my beliefs (in anything) run. often referred to as a civil rights activist, the rev. dr. martin luther king, jr. was clearly more. a son, a father, husband, warrior…the list is endless. but what has struck me recently with chords of curiosity and introspection is one of the ways in which his family has chosen to carry on his work and message: the embrace of the vegan diet as a natural progression of peace and “non-violence”. both dr. mlk’s recently passed freedom fighter wife, coretta scott king and their sons, dexter and martin luther king iii, embraced the vegan diet. in an interview, dexter king stated:

“veganism has given me a higher level of awareness and spirituality, primary because the energy associated with eating has shifted to other areas…if you’re violent to yourself by putting [harmful] things into your body that violate its spirit, it will be difficult not to perpetuate that [violence] onto someone else.” click here for the rest.

my own path to the vegan diet was reached through a health conscious compass, but i can fully appreciate the meaning behind animals rights and how it can inform a decision to refrain from eating so called “meat”. the line of thinking that led martin luther king, jr.’s family to a vegan diet is commendable in my opinion – growing within and advancing the legacy by through fresh perspectives and self-analysis. in honor of king’s legacy, i can and will do more to grow and deepen empowering beliefs through staying open to new & diverse ideas, action, critical thought and self reflection. for more info on the life of the life-activist mlk check out the king center for social change‘s site. here is another site inspired by martin luther king’s message: vegan outreach


you go “garden” girl

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we all know that sustainable living is “what’s up”. unfortuantely, there is a misconception that green living can only be successful if done in rural locations. well, garden girl is here to save the day! patti moreno, a boricua from nyc, has a dope new television series coming out entitled, “garden girl: urban sustainable living”. the show is a resource, especially for city boys & gals, giving the necessary how-to’s of living sustainably in the city. say word?! please believe, this isn’t a scam to beat you in the head with nonsense, the sister is well-informed and offers practical ways to “think globally, act locally”. topics include permaculture, aquaculture, constructing winter garden beds and more –all from her self built urban “farmette”. show a lil’ love and give her support by checking out her site: she is clearly a pioneer. also, look out for her home video series and book.

habari gani?

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imani! spent the new year’s with good friends and family –playing scattergories, electronic catch phrase, half-watching the honeymooners marathon and sipping on a mix of organic sparkling apple cider + sorrel. slammin’!

speaking of sorrel, i made my special holiday fruit brew (i learned from my grandfather) for the worthy occassion of “ujamaa” a few days a go. in the spirit of cooperative economics, folks shared resources (thanks for the brown sugar, sala!) and shared some vegan soul-full food to compliment a youth-driven, casein-free kwanzaa celebration. let’s see the menu went something like this: potatoes au-gratin, macaroni & cheese, salad, “hmm-hmm” sweet potatoe pie w/ homemade crust, cranberry fudge brownies…sorry no pictures – it all went too fast. but trust me it all looked and tasted good.

the transition to ’07 is rolling with good news and inspiration: a friend just became married — i will (not wish or hope) you good love, continued growth and bonding with your partner — and a good friend just gave birth (at home) to a brand new baby – i will you limitless “kuumba”, ancestral wisdom, keen judgement, self-healing power, patience and joy in the rearing of this new life. ase!

much love to all the new and down-to-earth folks i’ve met on my infant life in the blogosphere: fruitarian one, pst. everyone who visit(s) and has not visited this site. you may never see this post (even if i take it down you know google keeps a record of it), much love to you and yours. i see this year as the abundance of buring passion, vision, inspiration, ancient wisdom, empowering relationships, insightfulness, informed works! get your share and make it work.

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