habari gani?

January 1, 2007 at 5:02 pm | Posted in Culture, Vegan | 1 Comment

imani! spent the new year’s with good friends and family –playing scattergories, electronic catch phrase, half-watching the honeymooners marathon and sipping on a mix of organic sparkling apple cider + sorrel. slammin’!

speaking of sorrel, i made my special holiday fruit brew (i learned from my grandfather) for the worthy occassion of “ujamaa” a few days a go. in the spirit of cooperative economics, folks shared resources (thanks for the brown sugar, sala!) and shared some vegan soul-full food to compliment a youth-driven, casein-free kwanzaa celebration. let’s see the menu went something like this: potatoes au-gratin, macaroni & cheese, salad, “hmm-hmm” sweet potatoe pie w/ homemade crust, cranberry fudge brownies…sorry no pictures – it all went too fast. but trust me it all looked and tasted good.

the transition to ’07 is rolling with good news and inspiration: a friend just became married — i will (not wish or hope) you good love, continued growth and bonding with your partner — and a good friend just gave birth (at home) to a brand new baby – i will you limitless “kuumba”, ancestral wisdom, keen judgement, self-healing power, patience and joy in the rearing of this new life. ase!

much love to all the new and down-to-earth folks i’ve met on my infant life in the blogosphere: fruitarian one, pst. everyone who visit(s) and has not visited this site. you may never see this post (even if i take it down you know google keeps a record of it), much love to you and yours. i see this year as the abundance of buring passion, vision, inspiration, ancient wisdom, empowering relationships, insightfulness, informed works! get your share and make it work.


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