you go “garden” girl

January 5, 2007 at 6:19 pm | Posted in Eco-Friendly, environment, Sustainability | 4 Comments

we all know that sustainable living is “what’s up”. unfortuantely, there is a misconception that green living can only be successful if done in rural locations. well, garden girl is here to save the day! patti moreno, a boricua from nyc, has a dope new television series coming out entitled, “garden girl: urban sustainable living”. the show is a resource, especially for city boys & gals, giving the necessary how-to’s of living sustainably in the city. say word?! please believe, this isn’t a scam to beat you in the head with nonsense, the sister is well-informed and offers practical ways to “think globally, act locally”. topics include permaculture, aquaculture, constructing winter garden beds and more –all from her self built urban “farmette”. show a lil’ love and give her support by checking out her site: she is clearly a pioneer. also, look out for her home video series and book.



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  1. I have watched this video and it is excellent. This is a program that needs to be seen.

  2. That’s it. I’m moving back to the city!

  3. hey thanks for stopping by! the show looks promising because of the diversity of topics. i like that she covers minor building techniques. does anyone know what is the “bt” stuff she tosses into the pond to kill mosquito larvae. won’t the fish eat the larvae? clearly, i’m from the city.

  4. will we have to buy it on dvd or something to see it?

    congrats on surpassing the 1k mark!

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