tapping the ‘third root’: mexico’s african history

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the highlight of my all too short trip to acapulco began to take shape in a conversation with a waitress. of course i was attracted to acapulco’s weather, bountiful (and peculiar) flora and of course! i had to see and swim with a few sea turtles. but my first initiative to connect with people and learn/share culture. this trip was no different especially since this mexico trip was a stop in the african diaspora. “es ustedes antropologicos?”, the waitress asks as i finished my tofu taco from 100% natural. with such a beautiful smile draping off of high cheek bones…and a honey brown complexion i couldn’t help but think of my grandmother – a harlemite raised by her bahamian father during the late 30’s…could there be a connection? it appears that mi abuelita’s twin sis was curious as to why nite*vision and i were so interested in “black” mexican history, particularly since we did not “look” the part of academicians. it so happened that favy was born in “la chica costaregion of mexico and strongly identifies as afromestiza and was very proud to speak about the various sades of brown in her family and other cultural aesthetics – just as every afromestiza was when we spoke to them. both, mine and favy ‘s, inquiries (researcher and my grandma) were explored by the “african by legacy, mexican by birth” installation at the caribbean cultural center and later by the mexican fine arts musuem in chicago (one of the largest mexican diasporic centers outside of cali). the untold history of yanga, vera cruz and the overlooked descendants of african and indigenous warriors in Continue Reading tapping the ‘third root’: mexico’s african history…


saudades – missing brazil

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yup1 it’s been 41 days and i’m still missing it all…

on the road again…

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man its been a while, a real while (blogging and cycling). the summer schedule at work has been a serious drain –not to mention that beautiful north american humidity + city pollution. the last time i harlem fathers day crittransformed and roll(ed) out(that’s from the real cartoon optimus prime) was the 34th annual father’s day harlem bike race (yes a rectangular crit race around good ol’ marcus garvey park) –which was pretty upsetting. to make a long story short:

i entered into the open category race; first lap was a killer, i thought i wouldn’t make it; but then those who sprinted out began to drop like flies; i began to think to myself – “hey self, you might not only finish this race, but place some where ahead of the last person”; i began to get my wind back up after completing the 1st lap; …steadily diggin’ passing all those sprinted out too quickly, all of whom now make up a loose desert of fatigued riders; gliding down the west side of the park i prepare to lean into the awkwardly sharp corner of 120th street, slicing through my opponents’ lousy grimaces and unanswered squalls from oxygen, i’m getting amped up and i gunnin’ for the front pack — i can smell the “xylem juice” (that’ve the vegan alternative to blood); and then the wackest experience — well it could have been worst, but still this is my first “semi”-crit race ever — i got a stinking flat!

so that was it. at least i did not crash. but the rest of the major taylor “fam” represented as they always do. so in light of the small hiatus and bahian enchantment, i decided to break myself back in with a solo 50 miler up to river road last saturday, an impromptu decision made in response to a canceled westbury ride. **shout out to greg boogie a.k.a. g-unit for rolling up to the g dubbs + the advice on the chamois butter: the universe makes sense now. the summer has a bunch of obligations and traveling commitments so i wont get back on seriously until september, but so far i have amasses a cool 1247.2 miles since march. it was cool getting back up with the ironriders this week for the wednesday training ride (see pictures below); but i won’t see you all again until the 22nd and/or the “follow-up” raoul alphonso memorial ride to new hope, pa. be safe and enjoy william “hank” ashley memorial montauk ride on the 12th.

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