on the road again…

August 4, 2007 at 2:24 pm | Posted in Active, Cycling | 1 Comment

man its been a while, a real while (blogging and cycling). the summer schedule at work has been a serious drain –not to mention that beautiful north american humidity + city pollution. the last time i harlem fathers day crittransformed and roll(ed) out(that’s from the real cartoon optimus prime) was the 34th annual father’s day harlem bike race (yes a rectangular crit race around good ol’ marcus garvey park) –which was pretty upsetting. to make a long story short:

i entered into the open category race; first lap was a killer, i thought i wouldn’t make it; but then those who sprinted out began to drop like flies; i began to think to myself – “hey self, you might not only finish this race, but place some where ahead of the last person”; i began to get my wind back up after completing the 1st lap; …steadily diggin’ passing all those sprinted out too quickly, all of whom now make up a loose desert of fatigued riders; gliding down the west side of the park i prepare to lean into the awkwardly sharp corner of 120th street, slicing through my opponents’ lousy grimaces and unanswered squalls from oxygen, i’m getting amped up and i gunnin’ for the front pack — i can smell the “xylem juice” (that’ve the vegan alternative to blood); and then the wackest experience — well it could have been worst, but still this is my first “semi”-crit race ever — i got a stinking flat!

so that was it. at least i did not crash. but the rest of the major taylor “fam” represented as they always do. so in light of the small hiatus and bahian enchantment, i decided to break myself back in with a solo 50 miler up to river road last saturday, an impromptu decision made in response to a canceled westbury ride. **shout out to greg boogie a.k.a. g-unit for rolling up to the g dubbs + the advice on the chamois butter: the universe makes sense now. the summer has a bunch of obligations and traveling commitments so i wont get back on seriously until september, but so far i have amasses a cool 1247.2 miles since march. it was cool getting back up with the ironriders this week for the wednesday training ride (see pictures below); but i won’t see you all again until the 22nd and/or the “follow-up” raoul alphonso memorial ride to new hope, pa. be safe and enjoy william “hank” ashley memorial montauk ride on the 12th.


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  1. Hey i love this site. I has so hard for me to cycle and be a vegan. How do you get over the cravings

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