January 8, 2008 at 2:49 pm | Posted in Health & Healing | Leave a comment

…been a long time i shouldn’t have left…time’s up sorry i kept you. –i know you got soul eric b. & rakim

it’s been a minute. i’ve survived my first bike crash (still healing), official full rookie year (stay tuned for results), new vegan grubbings (kwanzaa’s kitchen table was quite tasty), new year’s costume dance-off (was raj from what’s happenin’, not what’s happening now), got deeper into the herbs… you’ve been with me through all of that but i’m back! even i promise to post more frequently and i have a few goodies i’m working on like: food of the month, restaurant reviews, more pictures, more diapsoric travels, race & training updates, monthly health goals to name a few. special shout outs and big ups are due to the following:

  • faithful subscribers of the blog
  • those who just stop by to check me out every once in a while
  • those who lave comments
  • those who stay on me,“you haven’t posted anything in 3 months, what’s good?”
  • my mom’s for leaving really personal comments (sometimes too personal)
  • soulful vegans out there
  • the omniverous folks actively seeking to improve their health
  • even those who got here by mistake
  • of course wordpress…
  • and even the spammers (well maybe not)

because of you this blog reach 5,000 hits in less than a year. now i know that some blogs get more than that but this was just a little side-side-hobby-almost-turned-addiction hobby. i’ve e-met some cool folks in the blogosphere. stay tuned and hold me accountable to my 2008 goals (soon come). oh yeah, i promise to do something abt the categories for my posts. got some house cleaning to do…who let all of these spammers in?


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