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January 8, 2008 at 2:59 pm | Posted in Cycling, training log | Leave a comment

deeply inspired by comments, email requests, the potential of even more successful season, a carbon bike (oooh!), and the forecast of 66 degree weather today in ny. you know the kid was on his bike this morning. and while there a is a -10 to -15 degree difference riding (due to wind chill, morning due, etc) i’d be mighty upset when the temp drops again (or even snows) and only being a passive participant of this conversation =”remember last week when it was 66 some odd degrees out, i got miles in…blah, blah, blah”. so i awoke to last minute tune ups to my trusty red & yellow mondonico -which was worth it to get such a to a nice workout with a fresh pine-scented greeting from the northside evergreens of prospect park and burning leaves on the southwest entrance. took it easy with a measly 13 mi/hr stroke maxing out at abt. 18-21 on the downhills. when 3/4 on my third and final lap (i only intended on doing 10 miles today) the tuesday morning peleton scoops me up. now, i was in place to for a lazy avg. lap of 14 minutes (prospect park laps are like 3.33 miles), but these guys bump my clip up to 18 mi/hr on a damp road –i guess my 2 3/4 laps was just a warm up. i left the park with 20 miles –the first 20 miles of the year. i’m feeling sorry for all my spring/summer/fall (age-group) competition. i was a rookie last year. i’m feeling strong. your times limited….its on!

you lack the minerals and vitamins, irons & the niacins…[my competition’s] in danger…to me this is just a scrimmage….the more emotion i put into the harder i rock. –oc time’s up (’94)


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