get your weight up, batman!

February 20, 2008 at 3:47 am | Posted in Black Athletes, Black Folks, Health & Healing, Hip-Hop | 8 Comments
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g.i.a.n.t. thinking is healthy thinking and healthy thinking is balanced thinking, so how you thinking. where’s your knowledge and where’s your wisdom… bartendaz mantra

ok, so the bar has officially been raised–pun intended. the bartendaz go hard on the workouts, seriously. when they are not in the park doing calisthenic “gymnasty” gymnastics, they’re visiting public schools near you. in addition to inspiring a folks to get off the couch and empowering youth through the joys of physical fitness, they are also committed to building community and are in the process of starting a new york charter school. well, april 1st brings in a new multi-sport season, which leaves a little over a month to get it in. lastly, i once saw a clip of a fitness beast on video entitled “if batman were real he’d train like this which for the most part is quite impressive for strength, overall body mechanics and control; but, i think wolverine would do it like this:



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  1. amazing! beautiful!

  2. i don’t think hip hop abs has anything on this.

  3. Are they vegan?

    Just wondering.

    Amazing display.

  4. This is art in itself!
    They could call it performance art, name it “Questioning Gravity” & sell (-out) big time.

    Thanks for the post, really inspiring to see what our bodies are really capable of doing – all naturally!

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  6. This is taking exercise to another level. This brother G.I.A.N.T is positive. I Making a difference in the community is just what we need. Kept up the good work.


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