witty vegan: use the veggie force

March 10, 2008 at 3:48 pm | Posted in food watch, funnies, humor, witty vegan | 6 Comments

in the guest post on nite*vision’s blog, “does pepsi own your organic…” i made reference to how the food biz giants are buying out all your favorite “organic food” companies. because of the post’s popularity and witty vegan cartoons, i thought you all would love “grocery store wars” from the cats that brought you the meatrix series. enjoy and may the veggie force be with you…



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  1. one for the books. Man sci-fi and veggies…it don’t get no better than that..lol

  2. i know, even though i could have done without “ham” solo.

  3. that was good. it was cute- and i dont like star wars, i’ve never watched anything of it, but i liked this! thanks for posting

  4. lol, very cute! alternative media at its finest! =)



  5. Dude, that was hilarious!! I am a huge fan of the Stars Wars (not the 3 recent films, but the first 3 from back in the day). Veggies totally rock!!! lol

  6. twas funny till I realized it wasn’t vegan. “free range studios.” puke.

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