a rainy spin

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monday was 61 degrees…imagine me not riding. after a power pack breakfast of my famous buckwheat-hemp-cashew butter pancakes (ask me for the recipe), i set out to get a few miles in at the park to add to the 20 from sunday out with the mtir’s. with sun beamin’ all up and down, there was no way i was doing the “hamster-in-the-wheel” through the park…i had to escape from new york. made it to midway across the gw bridge, when i noticed a strange cloud rain nebulous approaching me. famous last words “just because it looks like a rain cloud doesn’t mean its raining”. i’ll let the photo-essay tell the next part.

while dodging dry air -because there was no way i was avoiding the shower – i managed to assist a fellow cyclist change a flat. the storm slacked up, but the drenching wet bib, jersey, and jacket had me colder than a polar bear’s toe nail. yes, i hopped right onto the 168th st stop a caught the downtown a train. at least i got 44 miles in for the week.


times up!

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deeply inspired by comments, email requests, the potential of even more successful season, a carbon bike (oooh!), and the forecast of 66 degree weather today in ny. you know the kid was on his bike this morning. and while there a is a -10 to -15 degree difference riding (due to wind chill, morning due, etc) i’d be mighty upset when the temp drops again (or even snows) and only being a passive participant of this conversation =”remember last week when it was 66 some odd degrees out, i got miles in…blah, blah, blah”. so i awoke to last minute tune ups to my trusty red & yellow mondonico -which was worth it to get such a to a nice workout with a fresh pine-scented greeting from the northside evergreens of prospect park and burning Continue Reading times up!…

on the road again…

August 4, 2007 at 2:24 pm | Posted in Active, Cycling | 1 Comment

man its been a while, a real while (blogging and cycling). the summer schedule at work has been a serious drain –not to mention that beautiful north american humidity + city pollution. the last time i harlem fathers day crittransformed and roll(ed) out(that’s from the real cartoon optimus prime) was the 34th annual father’s day harlem bike race (yes a rectangular crit race around good ol’ marcus garvey park) –which was pretty upsetting. to make a long story short:

i entered into the open category race; first lap was a killer, i thought i wouldn’t make it; but then those who sprinted out began to drop like flies; i began to think to myself – “hey self, you might not only finish this race, but place some where ahead of the last person”; i began to get my wind back up after completing the 1st lap; …steadily diggin’ passing all those sprinted out too quickly, all of whom now make up a loose desert of fatigued riders; gliding down the west side of the park i prepare to lean into the awkwardly sharp corner of 120th street, slicing through my opponents’ lousy grimaces and unanswered squalls from oxygen, i’m getting amped up and i gunnin’ for the front pack — i can smell the “xylem juice” (that’ve the vegan alternative to blood); and then the wackest experience — well it could have been worst, but still this is my first “semi”-crit race ever — i got a stinking flat!

so that was it. at least i did not crash. but the rest of the major taylor “fam” represented as they always do. so in light of the small hiatus and bahian enchantment, i decided to break myself back in with a solo 50 miler up to river road last saturday, an impromptu decision made in response to a canceled westbury ride. **shout out to greg boogie a.k.a. g-unit for rolling up to the g dubbs + the advice on the chamois butter: the universe makes sense now. the summer has a bunch of obligations and traveling commitments so i wont get back on seriously until september, but so far i have amasses a cool 1247.2 miles since march. it was cool getting back up with the ironriders this week for the wednesday training ride (see pictures below); but i won’t see you all again until the 22nd and/or the “follow-up” raoul alphonso memorial ride to new hope, pa. be safe and enjoy william “hank” ashley memorial montauk ride on the 12th.

did it for my mama: mother’s day duathlon

May 14, 2007 at 8:19 am | Posted in (multi)sports, Cycling, race results | 4 Comments

“…take off the blazer/loosen up the tie/step inside the booth/the [finisher’s] alive” jay z – kingdom come [mr.cee’s old school @ noon promo]

well not exactly, but sean carter’s lyrical clark kent-to-superman reference was apropos for my morning’s state of mind. determined to do much better than my first duathlon – having dedicated this race to my mom, emah, nana, grandma, sisters (crys, tiff, simcha), aunties -i had to come out of the proverbial phone booth. of course i had to get pysched (see the ‘music in my mind’ playlist to the right). this the first competition of the year; the first one for which i actually trained on the bike for).

[rockyou id=68685574]

getting smoked/humbled last year inspired a plan – a) join a cycling club b) start training. well the mtir‘s took care of both. joined with them in march and did what i could to keep up with them on the saturday rides. in addition, i enter into the new york cycling club’s renowned c-sig class late march (graduation’s coming up). putting in miles @ prospect park in the morning and riding pace line with the pack that shows up anyhwere between 9-9:30 got my cycling fitness out of the infancy stage. alot more improvements to to undergo, however here are the results: overall time 1:31:51.0 (1:45:58.0 last time) placing 35th out of 80 competitors (59 out of 79 last time). all of this after completing a 70 mile c-sig ride to tarrytown yesterday. next race: queens biathlon van cortlandt 5k cross country run. next event c-sig graduation ride

underground railroad bike route

May 10, 2007 at 5:31 pm | Posted in Black Folks, Cycling, environment, Health & Healing | 3 Comments

“throughout history, black people have used bicycles as a mode of transportation. today we must promote physical activity within the cultural context of african american history, including the struggle to freedom from slavery. the underground railroad bicycle route demonstrates how to use cultural tailoring designed to get people moving.” dr. stephen b. thomas, cmh director and professor of community health & social justice at the univ. of pittsburgh graduate school of public health.

once a clandestine path travelled under the cloak of nightfall and whose details were ingeniously encoded in song, can now be physically (re)traced and (re)appreciated in the context of fitness, historical reflection, and courage. the underground railroad bicycle route is a 2,058 mile historic trail stretching from mobile bay on the gulf of mexico to the great lakes in ontario with the mission to “promote lifelong health…to people of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds.” this landmark mapping project began over 3 years ago as a joint venture between the adventure cycling association and the university of pittsburg’s center for minority health of pennsylvania.

because of the trail’s length and plethera of historic sites (ft erie’s bertie hall, st. catherine’s museum), cyclists can choose short segments or tackle the entire trail. on april 14, the adventure cycling association sponsored 18 cyclists on a 50 mi a day, 48-day road trip ending in buffalo. but its not too late to be apart of this historic event. The final leg, a 7-day ride open to 80 riders, will start on july 30th and end on aug 3rd connecting buffalo to owen sound. the closing of this inaguaral 2100 mile trip will coincide with owen sound’s 145th emancipation festival. owen sound’s particular significance is that of a emotional site of relief and freedom, as for many passengers who journeyed the “rail” to escape america’s peculiar institution.

“the challenge to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities requires implementation of interventions that are scientifically sound and culturally appropriate,” dr. thomas

the owen sound site also is the gateway to north america’s rich african-canadian heritage – a “living” story spliced from the classroom and many discourses on the african diaspora. for more african canadian resources check out these site: historic black canadians,afrotoronto,book references,afua cooper,and a fellow wordpress blogger with interesting sources. Continue Reading underground railroad bike route…

the human baton

April 2, 2007 at 3:51 pm | Posted in Cycling | 11 Comments

the continuum of wisdom flows from elders to youth…and when youth become elders the baton pass continues… never has this reigned so true for me as in yesterday’s ride to new jersey. a brand new member of the major taylor iron rider crew with prideful energy coursing through my arteries, the chorus of tupac’s classic –ambitionz az a ridah” – became my theme music; in my head steadily on repeat…

“i won’t deny it/ i’m a straight rider/ you don’t want to mess with me…” (radio version)

what began as a casual 20 mi ride to northvale (multi-tiered for riding level) became a grueling journey defining character, humility, brotherhood, snotty noses, teary eyes and achy (pride) muscles.

needless to say, i made it back alive and safe. normally i would take the 17 mi ride up to the george washington bridge and then head back to bklyn [reason: fitness level; the cold air ripping through my non-cycling gear], but this day i saw the “jersey side” of the “g-dubbs” and rode with the crew. i promised myself every ride i would do a little bit more, unbeknownst to me that i was in for it. after it was all over, this ironrider had to take the iron horse (the “a” train) back home, licking my wounds all the way. my fellow -more seasoned – ironriders held me down. mad love and respect yall. see you on the wednesday night ride in the park. my pride should be nursed back to health by then. but for now here’s the play by play… Continue Reading the human baton…

bike pooling?

December 24, 2006 at 1:47 am | Posted in Cycling, environment | 2 Comments

with growing concerns and about global warming, more and more commuters are digging into the garages, layering up and riding their schwinn’s in to work. but soon “green-minded” cities will have to outline an additional “bike”pooling lane for those citizens looking to conserve “human” energy.

what the heck is that? its the “barrett side-by-side” crafted by the ingenious robert barret. one of the many tinker toys he designed back in the 70’s, this biofueled vehicle allows you to ride with another person (or alone) sitting right next to them. compared to the tandem alternatives, it’s more romantic and appears to be safer, too. on tandems bicycles, you could pass out if the person in the front decides to pass you a gaseous gift downwind. mike, brooklyn mechanic at the bicycle station, said that in all of his years repairing and going to conventions he hasn’t seen one in about 30 years. he was lucky to run into the inventor’s son, a student at pratt institute, who said that his dad still had a couple “brand new” still in the garage. but don’t get your hopes up too high. when it comes to the side-by-sides: “dig deep, it ain’t cheap”. a brand new one will cost you a grip — $3,700. (i’ve seen a used one go on ebay for only $300). but if you are looking to have fun this summer, this is the official head turner. not to mention, think of how much would save in gas and insurance co-pays for doctor visits. for a description on how it works –every bike has special powers you know–check out the barret’s patent information.

hugg this story

good day to ride

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i almost slept in today —first day of vacation, finals’ stress has subsided, plus i was up till the wee hours of the night transferring files to this external hard drive —but this buzzin’ was killing me. too electronic to be a bug. “awh hell! its the bell”. almost didn’t answer —no disrespect but you know who it could’ve been. it was delivery folks sliding through. ran down flights of stairs in groggy daze, opened the door to be refreshingly awakened to the most beautiful, misty, warm winter morning. i’m definitely riding today.

so i suited up —still need some gear check out my wish list — and in my enthusiasm, flatted my front tire. no spare, but plenty of energy from the miracle reds drink, (tell you more about this later) i walked to vanderbilt to bicycle station for couple of tubes. mike, the dopest bike mechanic in bk, and i shot the breeze about the cycling community’s renewed interest over the side-by-side tandem bikes.

“you’re all set”. good-lookin’, i’m out. 4 laps in prospect park. feeling good. i’m back in motion. depending on courage, i might be down for a new year ride… tomorrow, i think i’ll switch it up –ride and bike. not setting any training goals yet, just enjoying myself. it’s amazing what you can do when there’s no school, work, and that sunday realization of going back to do it all over again.

is this you?

December 12, 2006 at 3:14 am | Posted in Active, Cycling | 1 Comment

you do it when know one is looking…you try to hide it…and if someone sees evidence that you did it, before any development of feeling can be made about it (and/or you), you offer a crafty excuse, over-explain, or loose eye contact?

i’ve got it bad! my season ended nov 26th, with my 3rd ever duathlon, but all i can do is find new, and unnecessary, reasons to ride. you would think the cold weather would suffice as deterance….nope. i’ve got the bug…i’ve got it bad. somebody save me…<hr/>

friendly reminder

November 30, 2006 at 3:53 pm | Posted in Cycling | Leave a comment

today is the last day to put your order in the major taylor limited edition cycling jersey. these jersey commerate the achievement of one of the world’s best cyclists of all-time.


you put you order in here so next season you can “sport-nice” in the official jersey of a historic champion – what i would consider one of the better jerseys out there. speaking of this world class athlete, his birthday was on nov 26th. check out npr’s blurb on him,  and mt association’s biographical time line of his achievements. for now, i’ll leave you in his own words:

In a word I was a pioneer, and therefore had to blaze my own trail.

click here for more of major taylor’s quotes. peace

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