rusty angoleiro in bahia

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it was a rare honor to play in brazil and i drew some fiery coals of inspiration from mestre valmir and his f.i.c.a.bahia students which will stoke my angoliero fire for years to come. in general, being me & mestre valmirso close to the source of capoeira; witnessing the pride and seeing how vital this living warrior art STILL is to folks in bahia led me to a reappraisal of my training in the art. while capoiera in brazil can run the gamit from commercial tourist attractions to humble students and mestre committed to cultural preservation, i was most moved by the use of capoiera as a core part of the curriculum at a teacher/community directed independent school named escola aberta do calabar and at a quilombo to honor their ancestors who used the art for defense. the calabar school, the 2nd independent school in bahia, run exclusively by the teachers who live in the neighborhood. the community projects such as the independent school and other youth programs are components of the neighborhood’s legacy of self-determination; a community named for their nigerian ancestors -the calabari – who were displaced here during slavery and later making this place a quilombo. quilombo são francisco do paraguaçu is a haven plush with nature’s best deeply me & roquelualain within bahia’s reconcavo region. the difficulty in reaching there is a characteristic that allowed the ancestors of the citizens here to be protected them from portugues oppressors. the citizens there today are the proud decendants of self-liberated enslaved africans and are trustees of the land who struggle to maintain their identity and rights to the land from a vicious media conglomerate and murderous farmers intent on taking this land. it was good to see and play outside of the u.s. playing capoeira is definitely a conversation and i enjoyed the dialogue with this angoleiro. as rusty as i am, i needed to say the “angoleiros prayer”. even though roquelua got me in this game, i put out a few tricks of my own…mad love meu primo – enjoy the clips!


vegan wushu

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so, this past weekend, as a gift to myself, i took a qin na intensive course with world renowned dr. yang, jwing-ming. to be honest, beyond the saturday afternoon “drive-in movie kung fu flick marathons” i haven’t been interested in “pop-culture” martial arts. honestly, how often does someone pull out a sword on you to take your wallet? (not to mention, when you watch those flicks notice how the hero is drastically out-numbered but beats 100 cats as they un-strategically “lunch room” line up, one after another, to get served). yeah, yeah, i know it’s just t.v., but even when i see styles taught i wonder, “what if they were in my neighborhood, would they just get jumped”. well, not if they are vegan – we all carry our carrot nun-chuks and celery sticks to a gun fight! but qin na (also, chin na) caught my attention a few reasons.

for one it was too practical to ignore. the main idea of this art is to neutralize attacks from your opponent. secondly, this master-teacher is very knowledgeable about the art. dr. yang -the keeper of the shaolin white crane, long fist, taijiquan (tai chi) and a list of other traditional chinese healing modalities – is a scholar with over 30 publications (and over 40 DVD’s) to his credit – all of which serve as “biblical” references to the broad martial arts community. qi gong: secret to youth was my first experience to his literary “kung fu” and i instantly became his imaginary student. lastly, he has a non-traditional teaching style that allows participants to learn key concepts without having to spend a lifetime in solitude. so you can walk out of the class and apply things immediately (if need be -don’t go looking for trouble). Continue Reading vegan wushu…

b’earth day love the kid…

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mom-dukes. so, on these annual days – i love to give love to my moms. i mean its an anniversary of that special day when she opened to the doors to the physical world for me. love ya. for more “that’s so sweets” about my moms you can check out the comments she leaves me every so often.

another day another fruit. today, the first thing that touch the lining of my stomach was a persimmon. what a fruit! never-ever-ever in my short vegan life had i, the opportunity to indulge this sweet, banana-papaya-date-flavored, tomato look-a-like. what better way to celebrate than to eat a new food. “i dub thee “Fruit of the Month“. stay tuned for the write-up

b-day wushu. this weekend i got down with the qi na intensive with the world renowned dr. yang. more on that later.

time to finish off the first evening of a birthday month!!! later

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