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December 6, 2006 at 10:59 am | Posted in Active, kung fu, Martial Arts, qin na, wu shu | 4 Comments

so, this past weekend, as a gift to myself, i took a qin na intensive course with world renowned dr. yang, jwing-ming. to be honest, beyond the saturday afternoon “drive-in movie kung fu flick marathons” i haven’t been interested in “pop-culture” martial arts. honestly, how often does someone pull out a sword on you to take your wallet? (not to mention, when you watch those flicks notice how the hero is drastically out-numbered but beats 100 cats as they un-strategically “lunch room” line up, one after another, to get served). yeah, yeah, i know it’s just t.v., but even when i see styles taught i wonder, “what if they were in my neighborhood, would they just get jumped”. well, not if they are vegan – we all carry our carrot nun-chuks and celery sticks to a gun fight! but qin na (also, chin na) caught my attention a few reasons.

for one it was too practical to ignore. the main idea of this art is to neutralize attacks from your opponent. secondly, this master-teacher is very knowledgeable about the art. dr. yang -the keeper of the shaolin white crane, long fist, taijiquan (tai chi) and a list of other traditional chinese healing modalities – is a scholar with over 30 publications (and over 40 DVD’s) to his credit – all of which serve as “biblical” references to the broad martial arts community. qi gong: secret to youth was my first experience to his literary “kung fu” and i instantly became his imaginary student. lastly, he has a non-traditional teaching style that allows participants to learn key concepts without having to spend a lifetime in solitude. so you can walk out of the class and apply things immediately (if need be -don’t go looking for trouble). Continue Reading vegan wushu…


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