swimlog: killing winter hardly

February 13, 2009 at 5:17 pm | Posted in training log, Uncategorized | 4 Comments

in efforts to cure these winter blues, i’ve started swimming to play in the pool. besides conditioning, the five year countdown to my first triathlon is well within a year and…uhm… i need to get my feet wet, doesn’t matter if i don’t know how to swim. my goal: 21 laps by march 2nd soo…

thursday 7:14 am (4 laps) – mostly “drink-pool-water-freestyle” and a likkle “flailing-arm-sidestrokes”. my heart was pumping hard enough for four people. nonetheless, felt good.  i ended off with a new style of swim that is a cross between the doggy paddle and a bobbing apple. oh, figured out how to tread water.

monday 7 am (5 laps) – less frightening. smoother.  had another lap in me. feeling good.

stay tuned.


hats off to joe ades

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in a time when there’s hardly any time to prepare good food and the convenience of inexpensive fast-food products are pushing us further and further away from our

ades' best-seller sold only for $5 and made light work of any carrot. it even takes the skin off a bad tomato. wonder what its going for on e-bay. hmmmm

ades' best-seller sold for only $5 and made light work of any carrot. it even takes the skin off a bad tomato. wonder what its going for on e-bay. hmmmm

food sources, joe ades made it fun to play with your food.  the gentleman grafter, who passed away @ 75, etched small spaces out of busy ny corners and transformed the chore of peeling tubers into a joy.  his well-stocked inventory consisted of a singular product – a stainless steel vegetable peeler.

after the urge to purchase his peeler was met with linty pocket linings one hot bklyn afternoon, i was determined to find him again. i’m saying, at five duckets it’s a good deal but doesn’t quite justify an atm fee. while trekking through union square to paragon my favorite sports depot, i spotted him and copped two. the swiss export has been the sous-chef to many-a-meals in my kitchen ever since.

often exalted for his dapper suits and charming histrionics, mr. ades was also a beloved father and grandfather. msnbc’s segment on the mancunian-turned-ny’er, gave us a small peek into his life outside of sales (nevermind the 10 sec commercial in the pop-up).

his enduring messages/lessons: enjoy life, “like what you do rather than do what you like”, “tenacity, patience”, be resourceful and enthusiastic, keep your beard trimmed and eat your veggies!

for a more critical lens on the lore of joe ades check out david galbraith’s piece.

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