battling obesity one city corner at a time

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the ny city council has heard and answered our cry for more fresh fruits and vegetables where we live! want to know their answer? wait for it…

wait for it…

fruit carts on our corners!

new york city will issue 1,000 new permits for mobile fruit and vegetable stands in its latest drive against obesity and unhealthiness among its residents.

there’s still no word on whether or not this is in conjunction with a broader plan with things like limiting the number of fast death food restaurants that can occupy a single block or more green spaces for outdoor activity where we live (see how i was nice enough not to even bring up the availability of organic and/or local produce!) Continue Reading battling obesity one city corner at a time…


get your weight up, batman!

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g.i.a.n.t. thinking is healthy thinking and healthy thinking is balanced thinking, so how you thinking. where’s your knowledge and where’s your wisdom… bartendaz mantra

ok, so the bar has officially been raised–pun intended. the bartendaz go hard on the workouts, seriously. when they are not in the park doing calisthenic “gymnasty” gymnastics, they’re visiting public schools near you. in addition to inspiring a folks to get off the couch and empowering youth through the joys of physical fitness, they are also committed to building community and are in the process of starting a new york charter school. well, april 1st brings in a new multi-sport season, which leaves a little over a month to get it in. lastly, i once saw a clip of a fitness beast on video entitled “if batman were real he’d train like this which for the most part is quite impressive for strength, overall body mechanics and control; but, i think wolverine would do it like this: Continue Reading get your weight up, batman!…


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…been a long time i shouldn’t have left…time’s up sorry i kept you. –i know you got soul eric b. & rakim

it’s been a minute. i’ve survived my first bike crash (still healing), official full rookie year (stay tuned for results), new vegan grubbings (kwanzaa’s kitchen table was quite tasty), new year’s costume dance-off (was raj from what’s happenin’, not what’s happening now), got deeper into the herbs… you’ve been with me through all of that but i’m back! even i promise to post more frequently and i have a few goodies i’m working on like: food of the month, restaurant reviews, more pictures, more diapsoric travels, race & training updates, monthly health goals to name a few. special shout outs and big ups are due to the following:

  • faithful subscribers of the blog
  • those who just stop by to check me out every once in a while
  • those who lave comments
  • those who stay on me,“you haven’t posted anything in 3 months, what’s good?”
  • my mom’s for leaving really personal comments (sometimes too personal)
  • soulful vegans out there
  • the omniverous folks actively seeking to improve their health
  • even those who got here by mistake
  • of course wordpress…
  • and even the spammers (well maybe not)

because of you this blog reach 5,000 hits in less than a year. now i know that some blogs get more than that but this was just a little side-side-hobby-almost-turned-addiction hobby. i’ve e-met some cool folks in the blogosphere. stay tuned and hold me accountable to my 2008 goals (soon come). oh yeah, i promise to do something abt the categories for my posts. got some house cleaning to do…who let all of these spammers in?

underground railroad bike route

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“throughout history, black people have used bicycles as a mode of transportation. today we must promote physical activity within the cultural context of african american history, including the struggle to freedom from slavery. the underground railroad bicycle route demonstrates how to use cultural tailoring designed to get people moving.” dr. stephen b. thomas, cmh director and professor of community health & social justice at the univ. of pittsburgh graduate school of public health.

once a clandestine path travelled under the cloak of nightfall and whose details were ingeniously encoded in song, can now be physically (re)traced and (re)appreciated in the context of fitness, historical reflection, and courage. the underground railroad bicycle route is a 2,058 mile historic trail stretching from mobile bay on the gulf of mexico to the great lakes in ontario with the mission to “promote lifelong health…to people of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds.” this landmark mapping project began over 3 years ago as a joint venture between the adventure cycling association and the university of pittsburg’s center for minority health of pennsylvania.

because of the trail’s length and plethera of historic sites (ft erie’s bertie hall, st. catherine’s museum), cyclists can choose short segments or tackle the entire trail. on april 14, the adventure cycling association sponsored 18 cyclists on a 50 mi a day, 48-day road trip ending in buffalo. but its not too late to be apart of this historic event. The final leg, a 7-day ride open to 80 riders, will start on july 30th and end on aug 3rd connecting buffalo to owen sound. the closing of this inaguaral 2100 mile trip will coincide with owen sound’s 145th emancipation festival. owen sound’s particular significance is that of a emotional site of relief and freedom, as for many passengers who journeyed the “rail” to escape america’s peculiar institution.

“the challenge to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities requires implementation of interventions that are scientifically sound and culturally appropriate,” dr. thomas

the owen sound site also is the gateway to north america’s rich african-canadian heritage – a “living” story spliced from the classroom and many discourses on the african diaspora. for more african canadian resources check out these site: historic black canadians,afrotoronto,book references,afua cooper,and a fellow wordpress blogger with interesting sources. Continue Reading underground railroad bike route…

witty vegan cartoons

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ever found yourself unexpectedly having to defend the “freedom to choose your own diet”? found a witty cartoon of animals (probably from animal farm) promoting a vegan diet to save their own hides…enjoy!

update: i’ve put links to the meatrix 1, 2 & 2 1/2. update 2: there is an interesting discussion happening in this post’s comments. i’m including a few links to articles that discuss opposing sides of the meat-eating and human evolution theory. read & come comment. books/articles: meat-eating & human evolution, meat-eating and human evolution(critique), evolving to mush: how meat changed our bodies, hunter-gatherer diets -a different perspective, human adaptations to meat eating: a reappraisal, what is meat?, meat eating is an old human habit, food and human evolution.

update 3: for those of you interested in learning more about”shady” business tactics and social implications of the meat & diary industrial complex check out the critically acclaimed books: fast food nation and hungry for profit and don’t forget the must have dvd super size me.

hugg this post

“i believe” (the fiend’s anthem)

December 20, 2006 at 4:57 pm | Posted in Black Folks, Health & Healing, Hip-Hop | 4 Comments

i recently peeped the video “i believe” — a medicinal dart by off the dead prez and outlawz album: “can’t sell dope forever”. a little late, i admit, considering it dropped this past summer. now, there aren’t to many joints dead prez put out that i’m not “lickin’ shots for” but this video “righ’ chear”… i won’t spoil it for you. check it out and take a vote.


i believe
1) off the hook
2) its ok
3) not feeling it

View Results

in general, i have an interest in how the aging hip-hop community (artists, fans, etc) deals with topics that most affect it, particulary those issues of health. in an arena where street crediblity is a marketing focus, speaking on health and disease presents an interesting challenge – how fly can you be spittin’ about healthy lifestyles? but at the same time folks are experiencing real health challenges and even death: foxxy brown with her hearing impairment, don’t foget big pun’s untimely death, havoc of mobb deep sickle cell anemia childhood diagnosis… the list goes on. so…

what would fela do-O!

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on sat., dec 2nd, nite*vision and i celebrated my b’earth day @ bam‘s sold out red hot + riot – the illest event featuring an allstar cast of diasporic & continental africans giving soulfull (and i mean soul-full) tribute to the life, music + spirit of fela anikulapo kuti (born olufela olusegun oludotun ransome-kuti).

red hot + riot is one of the many charitable collabos of the red hot organization‘s efforts to build proactive awarness to the pervasive pandemic, AIDS. (check out nite*vision’s post hi five: tribute to fela for a breakdown of the musical experience). the thing was a surprise, but also strange: why was the red hot + riot poppin’ off in bam, of all places in nyc? what’s so special about this weeked? wasn’t tryna be ungrateful, but soon enough all things were revealed. the day before was world a.i.d.s. day and…

as the hypnotic timbres -of shekere with electric bass, djembe with synthesizer – formed a bridge between entertainment and enlightenment, all who attended where ready for the images on the background displaying facts on how AIDS is (still) the clear and present danger realized from the last “media-raid” you may have encountered. statements like: “new york is the epicenter of the a.i.d.s. crisis in the u.s. brooklyn has the highest death rate of all boroughs flashed across the screen. what! brooklyn?…we’re in brooklyn right now, homie! cats wouldn’t even get up to dance to this music, what kind of reaction can we expect as a result of leaving the concert? once “water no get enemy” ceases to be the ringing melody in your head…what do you do? Continue Reading what would fela do-O!…

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