SoulVegFolk? Finally! An online social network for Black folks who are vegan, vegetarian, fruitarian, raw foodists, etc. A good resource if you are seriously thinking about taking “meat” (beef, fish, chicken), diary, and other animal products out of your diet and want to connect with others who are doing it already. Pretty dope site with videos, interesting photos and video clips. Check ’em out!

Dr. Kamau B. Kokayi is cornell & yale grad who was treating drug addiction with acupuncture back in the 80’s. a holistic physician at the cutting edge of medical science and indigenous healing wisdom, kokayi is very committed to unlocking the healing potential of the community. his radio show – “Global Medicine Review” on WBAI 99.5 FM Wednesdays 12PM- is the BEST health resource available for free (well, next to nature herself). I know him personally, check him out:

Why Organic? Many “conventional” foods are genetically modified to increase shelf-life, enhance a favorable characteristic or both (e.g. splicing fish genes with tomatoes so that tomato crops will endure a cold season). Makes sense from a business perspective but not from the body’s. Check out this extensive list. There’s a good chance that…

Dr. I. O. Adewale is a world renowned pharmacognosist who specializes in traditional west african plant medicine.
Qi Journal Homepage

Vegan Restaurants in the Black Community…

Yang Martial Arts Association


Pekiti-Tirsia Global Organization

National Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine

Clint Cupido Natural Body Builder

A Raw Food Diet and The Athlete podcast

Doc Kidd

Dr. Nathan F. Rabb


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