a rainy spin

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monday was 61 degrees…imagine me not riding. after a power pack breakfast of my famous buckwheat-hemp-cashew butter pancakes (ask me for the recipe), i set out to get a few miles in at the park to add to the 20 from sunday out with the mtir’s. with sun beamin’ all up and down, there was no way i was doing the “hamster-in-the-wheel” through the park…i had to escape from new york. made it to midway across the gw bridge, when i noticed a strange cloud rain nebulous approaching me. famous last words “just because it looks like a rain cloud doesn’t mean its raining”. i’ll let the photo-essay tell the next part.

while dodging dry air -because there was no way i was avoiding the shower – i managed to assist a fellow cyclist change a flat. the storm slacked up, but the drenching wet bib, jersey, and jacket had me colder than a polar bear’s toe nail. yes, i hopped right onto the 168th st stop a caught the downtown a train. at least i got 44 miles in for the week.


times up!

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deeply inspired by comments, email requests, the potential of even more successful season, a carbon bike (oooh!), and the forecast of 66 degree weather today in ny. you know the kid was on his bike this morning. and while there a is a -10 to -15 degree difference riding (due to wind chill, morning due, etc) i’d be mighty upset when the temp drops again (or even snows) and only being a passive participant of this conversation =”remember last week when it was 66 some odd degrees out, i got miles in…blah, blah, blah”. so i awoke to last minute tune ups to my trusty red & yellow mondonico -which was worth it to get such a to a nice workout with a fresh pine-scented greeting from the northside evergreens of prospect park and burning Continue Reading times up!…


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…been a long time i shouldn’t have left…time’s up sorry i kept you. –i know you got soul eric b. & rakim

it’s been a minute. i’ve survived my first bike crash (still healing), official full rookie year (stay tuned for results), new vegan grubbings (kwanzaa’s kitchen table was quite tasty), new year’s costume dance-off (was raj from what’s happenin’, not what’s happening now), got deeper into the herbs… you’ve been with me through all of that but i’m back! even i promise to post more frequently and i have a few goodies i’m working on like: food of the month, restaurant reviews, more pictures, more diapsoric travels, race & training updates, monthly health goals to name a few. special shout outs and big ups are due to the following:

  • faithful subscribers of the blog
  • those who just stop by to check me out every once in a while
  • those who lave comments
  • those who stay on me,“you haven’t posted anything in 3 months, what’s good?”
  • my mom’s for leaving really personal comments (sometimes too personal)
  • soulful vegans out there
  • the omniverous folks actively seeking to improve their health
  • even those who got here by mistake
  • of course wordpress…
  • and even the spammers (well maybe not)

because of you this blog reach 5,000 hits in less than a year. now i know that some blogs get more than that but this was just a little side-side-hobby-almost-turned-addiction hobby. i’ve e-met some cool folks in the blogosphere. stay tuned and hold me accountable to my 2008 goals (soon come). oh yeah, i promise to do something abt the categories for my posts. got some house cleaning to do…who let all of these spammers in?

go brooklyn!

October 18, 2007 at 2:33 pm | Posted in Vegan | 1 Comment

 yes yes, y’all…healthy heartbeats…plump tomatoes and carrot sticks y’all.  brooklyn goes veg, the “borough-wide initiative”, brings you the 1st annual vegetarian restaurant week. as these kinds of regional multi-restaurant initiatives go, all participating enterprises are commissioned to bring their “a+ game”.  so my omnivore friends feel at ease and take a chance…not everything with tofu tastes the same…be prepared to taste a “soy chicken sandwich” that tastes better than any deli sub or lunch break panini.  click on the picture for details and try something new.

tapping the ‘third root’: mexico’s african history

August 17, 2007 at 1:14 pm | Posted in african diaspora, Black Folks, Vegan | 11 Comments

the highlight of my all too short trip to acapulco began to take shape in a conversation with a waitress. of course i was attracted to acapulco’s weather, bountiful (and peculiar) flora and of course! i had to see and swim with a few sea turtles. but my first initiative to connect with people and learn/share culture. this trip was no different especially since this mexico trip was a stop in the african diaspora. “es ustedes antropologicos?”, the waitress asks as i finished my tofu taco from 100% natural. with such a beautiful smile draping off of high cheek bones…and a honey brown complexion i couldn’t help but think of my grandmother – a harlemite raised by her bahamian father during the late 30’s…could there be a connection? it appears that mi abuelita’s twin sis was curious as to why nite*vision and i were so interested in “black” mexican history, particularly since we did not “look” the part of academicians. it so happened that favy was born in “la chica costaregion of mexico and strongly identifies as afromestiza and was very proud to speak about the various sades of brown in her family and other cultural aesthetics – just as every afromestiza was when we spoke to them. both, mine and favy ‘s, inquiries (researcher and my grandma) were explored by the “african by legacy, mexican by birth” installation at the caribbean cultural center and later by the mexican fine arts musuem in chicago (one of the largest mexican diasporic centers outside of cali). the untold history of yanga, vera cruz and the overlooked descendants of african and indigenous warriors in Continue Reading tapping the ‘third root’: mexico’s african history…

saudades – missing brazil

August 11, 2007 at 6:36 am | Posted in Black Folks, Culture, Hip-Hop, spirit | Leave a comment

yup1 it’s been 41 days and i’m still missing it all…

on the road again…

August 4, 2007 at 2:24 pm | Posted in Active, Cycling | 1 Comment

man its been a while, a real while (blogging and cycling). the summer schedule at work has been a serious drain –not to mention that beautiful north american humidity + city pollution. the last time i harlem fathers day crittransformed and roll(ed) out(that’s from the real cartoon optimus prime) was the 34th annual father’s day harlem bike race (yes a rectangular crit race around good ol’ marcus garvey park) –which was pretty upsetting. to make a long story short:

i entered into the open category race; first lap was a killer, i thought i wouldn’t make it; but then those who sprinted out began to drop like flies; i began to think to myself – “hey self, you might not only finish this race, but place some where ahead of the last person”; i began to get my wind back up after completing the 1st lap; …steadily diggin’ passing all those sprinted out too quickly, all of whom now make up a loose desert of fatigued riders; gliding down the west side of the park i prepare to lean into the awkwardly sharp corner of 120th street, slicing through my opponents’ lousy grimaces and unanswered squalls from oxygen, i’m getting amped up and i gunnin’ for the front pack — i can smell the “xylem juice” (that’ve the vegan alternative to blood); and then the wackest experience — well it could have been worst, but still this is my first “semi”-crit race ever — i got a stinking flat!

so that was it. at least i did not crash. but the rest of the major taylor “fam” represented as they always do. so in light of the small hiatus and bahian enchantment, i decided to break myself back in with a solo 50 miler up to river road last saturday, an impromptu decision made in response to a canceled westbury ride. **shout out to greg boogie a.k.a. g-unit for rolling up to the g dubbs + the advice on the chamois butter: the universe makes sense now. the summer has a bunch of obligations and traveling commitments so i wont get back on seriously until september, but so far i have amasses a cool 1247.2 miles since march. it was cool getting back up with the ironriders this week for the wednesday training ride (see pictures below); but i won’t see you all again until the 22nd and/or the “follow-up” raoul alphonso memorial ride to new hope, pa. be safe and enjoy william “hank” ashley memorial montauk ride on the 12th.

rusty angoleiro in bahia

July 14, 2007 at 7:22 pm | Posted in Active, Black Folks, capoiera, Culture, Martial Arts | 3 Comments

it was a rare honor to play in brazil and i drew some fiery coals of inspiration from mestre valmir and his f.i.c.a.bahia students which will stoke my angoliero fire for years to come. in general, being me & mestre valmirso close to the source of capoeira; witnessing the pride and seeing how vital this living warrior art STILL is to folks in bahia led me to a reappraisal of my training in the art. while capoiera in brazil can run the gamit from commercial tourist attractions to humble students and mestre committed to cultural preservation, i was most moved by the use of capoiera as a core part of the curriculum at a teacher/community directed independent school named escola aberta do calabar and at a quilombo to honor their ancestors who used the art for defense. the calabar school, the 2nd independent school in bahia, run exclusively by the teachers who live in the neighborhood. the community projects such as the independent school and other youth programs are components of the neighborhood’s legacy of self-determination; a community named for their nigerian ancestors -the calabari – who were displaced here during slavery and later making this place a quilombo. quilombo são francisco do paraguaçu is a haven plush with nature’s best deeply me & roquelualain within bahia’s reconcavo region. the difficulty in reaching there is a characteristic that allowed the ancestors of the citizens here to be protected them from portugues oppressors. the citizens there today are the proud decendants of self-liberated enslaved africans and are trustees of the land who struggle to maintain their identity and rights to the land from a vicious media conglomerate and murderous farmers intent on taking this land. it was good to see and play outside of the u.s. playing capoeira is definitely a conversation and i enjoyed the dialogue with this angoleiro. as rusty as i am, i needed to say the “angoleiros prayer”. even though roquelua got me in this game, i put out a few tricks of my own…mad love meu primo – enjoy the clips!

moving beyond the “x”: a legacy of transformation

May 19, 2007 at 4:50 pm | Posted in Activism, Black Folks, el hajj malik el shabazz, malcolm x, spirit | 1 Comment

today, may 19th, marks the 82nd birthday of el-hajj malik el-shabazz (formerly known as malcolm x). his message of self-determination is still alive and continues to resonate as an ideal. and while the popular representations of his life and example are of his eloquent delivery, rhetorical genius and “tell it like it is” stance, all of these, in my opinion, are the superficial layer of a core much more significant and fundamental to who he was. he was a “student of life” committed to discovering the truth for his spirit. for him personal development was the fuel of his life’s work and this personal development was inextricably linked to community development. how else could he have been as effective as an orator and convincing as a leader had he not transformed himself from the destructive vices of drugs, alcohol and hustling? this honest evolution continues to inspire oppressed and marginalized peoples of the world, particularly youth.

he was as unafraid of publicly “speaking truth to power” as he was dedicated to self improvement. with an inner compass set on growth, he was able to carefully trek a terrain of integrity, never getting lost in dogma. in death he is probably more loved and celebrated than many living leaders, partly because he recognized & accepted his citizenship to the human race without diluting his love of black folks. it was che who said: “the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love”.

“don’t be in a hurry to condemn because he doesn’t do what you do or think as you think or as fast. there was a time when you didn’t know what you know today”

he was a remarkable thinker, whose critical thinking was holistic, incessantly progressive and expanded outside the context of race and geography. furthermore, his ideas extended as far inwardly as they did outwardly. Continue Reading moving beyond the “x”: a legacy of transformation…

did it for my mama: mother’s day duathlon

May 14, 2007 at 8:19 am | Posted in (multi)sports, Cycling, race results | 4 Comments

“…take off the blazer/loosen up the tie/step inside the booth/the [finisher’s] alive” jay z – kingdom come [mr.cee’s old school @ noon promo]

well not exactly, but sean carter’s lyrical clark kent-to-superman reference was apropos for my morning’s state of mind. determined to do much better than my first duathlon – having dedicated this race to my mom, emah, nana, grandma, sisters (crys, tiff, simcha), aunties -i had to come out of the proverbial phone booth. of course i had to get pysched (see the ‘music in my mind’ playlist to the right). this the first competition of the year; the first one for which i actually trained on the bike for).

[rockyou id=68685574]

getting smoked/humbled last year inspired a plan – a) join a cycling club b) start training. well the mtir‘s took care of both. joined with them in march and did what i could to keep up with them on the saturday rides. in addition, i enter into the new york cycling club’s renowned c-sig class late march (graduation’s coming up). putting in miles @ prospect park in the morning and riding pace line with the pack that shows up anyhwere between 9-9:30 got my cycling fitness out of the infancy stage. alot more improvements to to undergo, however here are the results: overall time 1:31:51.0 (1:45:58.0 last time) placing 35th out of 80 competitors (59 out of 79 last time). all of this after completing a 70 mile c-sig ride to tarrytown yesterday. next race: queens biathlon van cortlandt 5k cross country run. next event c-sig graduation ride

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